How your business looks is closely related to the commercial painting of a business. Interior & exterior painting of commercial properties play a key role.

In these days where image is everything the demand for commercial painting is constantly increasing. Business owners know only too well they often have only one chance to make a good first impression with their potential customer. How your business looks is closely related to the commercial painting of your business. How the physical address of your business looks is important. The interior and exterior painting of your commercial property play a key role in this and are important tools in making your business stand out from the crowd.

Firstly let’s examine the exterior of your commercial property. Having your property painted in colours that reflect and compliment your corporate colour scheme is a great way of saying to your clients we take pride in our image and all that we do. Some people would argue that the building doesn’t matter and that it is the product that counts. Research has shown that customers start forming an opinion of a particular business before they walk through the door. It makes sense to have your commercial property painted in such a way that exudes care and quality in everything you do. This starts to develop a trust with your client before they enter your commercial property.

Secondly we come to the interior of your commercial property. The way the interior of your commercial property is painted provides the canvas for everything else that follows such as soft furnishings, office furniture, your logo and importantly a background to show off your product or service. You want the interior of your commercial property to say “We take pride in everything we do and we will take pride in you too!” Near enough simply is not good enough when it comes to the commercial painting of your business. Quality finishes are obvious to those that appreciate quality. It is not just the choice of paint colour or the colour scheme, but it is the finish: the straight edges, the even coating, and the perfect preparation that impress.

So how does spending money on commercial painting translate to making a profit? You’ve probably already started to figure this out. Customers will only buy when they feel comfortable and that they can trust the product. A grotty exterior of your commercial premises sends the wrong message and quite literally turns customers away, ultimately costing you sales and profits. An attractive premises is more likely to bring customers through the door. Once they are inside the sales experience continues. A clean freshly painted interior which has obviously been done with care contributes to building trust with the client and allows the client to relax in their surroundings. Customers feel welcomed and safe even before they have spoken to anyone or looked at products. Naturally this leads to increased likelihood of sales and ultimately profit.

One argument often heard against commercial painting relates to internet business. Some people think that if their business is all done online they don’t need to worry about the look of their commercial property and often commercial painting would be the last thing on their minds. The thinking sometimes is why spend money on painting our commercial premises? Shouldn’t we spend our money elsewhere? Once again it all comes down to image. Perception and trust are key. Online customers like to know as much as possible about the business they are considering buying from. They like to know the business is reputable, can be trusted and is going to be around long enough for them to continue doing business. So even in the internet age bricks and mortar are important. Customers like to see that businesses have a physical presence, even if it is just a photograph of the commercial building. Just like a customer who visits your commercial address in person, internet visitors also asses how professional a business looks, so once again how your commercial property is painted comes into focus.

Clearly commercial painting is important to the image and profitability of your business. The final thing to consider is maintenance. Once you have gone to the trouble of commercial painting it is important to maintain and protect the painting you have had done. Sometimes this may involve touch up painting or on the exterior of commercial buildings you may just need to have your premises washed down from time to time. It is important to choose a painting business that can offer you a full range of painting services from the original commercial painting to commercial painting maintenance and protective painting. So do your business a favour and create a winning environment for your customers. Painting for profit really does make sense.