Are you looking to restore the appearance of your home’s exterior?

Do you want it to look as good as new once again?

Maybe you want to increase the value of your home?

Then, securing an exterior house painting service in Brisbane is an excellent idea! But, first what exactly does exterior house painting involve?


Painting the outside of your home is generally a costly and time-intensive project. However, it is usually worth the investment as it leaves your house looking beautiful and new. The best part? You won’t have to repaint for several years to come!


To help you prepare for your house painting in Brisbane, here’s how a typical exterior painting project progresses. We’ll first start by pressure washing the walls to remove the buildup of dust and dirt. Then, we move on to repair damaged surfaces (holes, chips, etc) with an epoxy filler.


With most exterior house painting projects, the next step will be to scrape off loose paint. Then, we may have to fill in gaps and spaces around your doors and windows. Finally, we can then move on to priming stains and protecting windows, doors and other related surfaces from paint.

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