Whether you’re wanting interior or exterior house painting in Brisbane, colour is one of the most crucial factors to consider. After all, you don’t want to cringe every time you see your house! Therefore, we recommend taking your time to choose a colour for your exterior painting. It can be hard to know what colours will look amazing, when you are not a professional painter.  


The trick here is to find a balance between a colour you love and one that is aesthetically pleasing. You may also choose to combine multiple colours to achieve the result you want.


However, if you’re in doubt about what colour (or colours) to use for your exterior house painting, it is an excellent idea to consult experts in Brisbane. Remember, there are no right or wrong colours but always one goal — to boost your home’s value.


At Pohlmann Bros, we have a team of experts who have the training and experience needed to advise you on the many colour options available for your house painting. 


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