Can I Paint the Exterior of My House Myself?

Exterior house painting is perhaps the best way to revive, beautify and protect your home quickly and cost-effectively. But, if you consider yourself a DIY expert or perhaps you’re very handy with a tool, you’ll no doubt be wondering if you can do the painting yourself. Well, we say secure professional painters in Brisbane!

At Pohlmann Brothers, we have a team of painting industry professionals ready to take on your exterior painting jobs and see them to a beautiful completion. So, why go through the hassle of painting yourself, when you can secure top-notch painters in Brisbane at affordable costs?

We’re not only saying this because we want you to bring your business to us (although you should), we are saying this because painting the exterior of your home yourself, especially without proper training, may cost more than it’s worth.

For one, if the house painting is not properly done, the paint may fade or start chipping within a short period of time, which means you will have to paint it all over again. Besides this point, exterior painting usually involves climbing to relatively tall heights, which may be unsafe for you and cause you injury if you fall.

 But, our team of professional painting experts has the required experience and training to carry out their duties safely.

Finally, if you want your home (both exterior and interior) to have a perfect beautiful finish, it is an excellent idea to secure pro painters for the job. Reach out to Pohlmann Brothers.


Can Painting My House’s Exterior Increase the Value of My Home?

There is no doubt that painting the exterior of your home can completely transform its appearance and boost its aesthetic value. But, professional exterior house painting goes beyond that — it increases the value of your home!

If you plan to sell your house and are in the process of refurbishing to get a better price, carrying out a house painting project with quality products is an excellent place to start.

We would like to emphasise the value exterior painting can bring to any building (either residential, commercial and industrial). You see, not only does a high-quality painting job and related service make your house more attractive but it also allows you to secure a better bargain with potential buyers.

Thankfully, seasoned painters in Brisbane are only one call away.

Over the years, we, at Pohlmann Brothers, have taken on and completed numerous exterior painting projects from clients who wanted a better sale price for their homes. Not surprisingly, due to our attention to detail and exemplary services, it is not a stretch when we say all of our clients highly recommend us.

Do you want to increase your property value? We offer top-notch painting services that can help you achieve your goal!


Will I Have to Leave the Property While the Exterior Is Being Painted?

With most exterior house painting jobs that our painters in Brisbane handle, the residents stay in their home while we handle things on the outside.

Unlike interior painting, there is typically no obstruction that you being in the house can cause while we paint outside. So, you can go about your chores and daily activities without any disruptions. Just let us know before you push open any window!

While most families prefer to stay indoors or come back to see their home transformed by the new paint and colours, some prefer to see in real time. So, if you want to, you can come out and watch our painters in Brisbane in action as we transform your home to the colours of your dreams.

Remember, at Pohlmann Brothers, we also offer colour consultation services. So, if you’re unsure about what colour you want to paint the exterior of your home, you can talk to our experts. We’ll share some tips and help you find the colour that’s perfect for you.
Do you want to paint the exterior of your home and you want an immaculate job? Secure an appointment with Pohlmann Brothers today. Call 0438 531 930