1. Is your Coating/Lead Paint Removalist insured?

Some Coating/Lead Paint Removalists may say that they are insured, but actually are not and are putting you at risk. Unless you see proof how do you know. Smart Strippers are fully insured for Public Liability and accidental damage and details of this are publicly available on our website.

2. Does your Coating/Lead Paint Removalist use competent trained people?

Some Coating/Lead Paint Removalists use backpackers and unskilled labourers from gumtree and the like, and the quality of work suffers accordingly. Smart Strippers do use some labourers but these people work as part of a team that always has an experienced and trained Supervisor.

3. Did your Coating/Lead Paint Removalist measure up your job properly or just made a guesstimate?

Many Coating/Lead Paint Removalists don’t use proper measuring devices and just use their judgement to guess on the areas to be stripped. They will then come back with additional costs later on. Smart Strippers use laser measurers to accurately arrive at the square and lineal meterage of the job. Therefore your quote is accurate and you won’t have extras added on as nasty surprises later on.

4. How detailed is your quote?

Many Coating/Lead Paint Removalists will just give you an amount and a vague description of the works to be completed eg. internal paint removal. They will then claim additional costs later on and say that wasn’t included in the quote, when you thought everything was included. Smart Strippers provide a detailed description of the works to be completed eg. safe lead abatement from front wall approx.120 sqm, front fascia approx. 10 lm, 2 x windows and frames. This way both parties are clear as to the agreed scope of works and there are no hidden surprises.

5. Does your Coating/Lead Paint Removalist provide any testimonials and pictures of previously completed work?

Many Coating/Lead Paint Removalists will tell you that they have satisfied customers but don’t actually provide proof of this. Smart Strippers has both testimonials and pictures of previously completed work on our website to help you validate that we are a quality Coating/Lead Paint Removalist.

6. Is your lead paint removal being done safely?

Many Coating/Lead Paint Removalists will just sand surfaces to remove previous paint. This is completely unsafe and putting you and your family at risk of lead poisoning. Smart Strippers do not sand lead paint surfaces. We use Dumond Smart Strip products which are water based, odour free, 100% biodegradeable, non carsonagenic, non caustic, no methylene chloride or flammable solvents and low VOC’s. This is the safest method of lead paint removal and ensures the safety of your loved ones.

7. How long has your Coating/Lead Paint Removalist been in business?

Some Coating/Lead Paint Removalists don’t even have an ABN and are here today and gone tomorrow…..you’ve seen the stories of unscrupulous tradesmen on ACA that take your deposit and disappear. Smart Strippers have been in business since 2000 and our ABN is 68 586 554 427 and this can be verified through the ABN lookup website. We value our customers and want to complete all works to your satisfaction so you recommend us to others.

8. Will your Coating/Lead Paint Removalist rectify anything not completed to your satisfaction?

Many Coating/Lead Paint Removalists will not return to your job to do touch up’s or rectify anything once you have made the final payment. Smart Strippers values its’ reputation and will always come back to fix anything we didn’t get right the first time, provided it was within the original scope of works.

9. Does your Coating/Lead Paint Removalist use quality removal products?

Many Coating/Lead Paint Removalists use the cheapest removal product they can find, and this will probably be carsonagenic, may contain methylene chloride, and may be solvent based; making it an unsafe product to use. Smart Strippers only use quality known brand removal products like Dumond, therefore safety is paramount.

10. How messy will the removal be?

Many Coating/Lead Paint Removalists will sand rather than use safe removal methods. This is both messy and unsafe as the toxic lead dust can be breathed in. Smart Strippers method of removal using Dumond products, has no dust or toxins and is the safest and cleanest method available.