smart paint strippers brisbane

 Don’t let your loved ones be exposed to lead paint dust through sanding, we do it the SMART safe way with no dust or toxins... zero toxic lead dust.

• Safe Methods
• No Sanding
• No Toxic Dust
• Biodegradable
• Environmentally Friendly
• Total Coating Removal

We specialise in removing paint safely, using only the safest methods and products to strip paint.

Currently, a dangerous health hazard waits silently in Australian homes.

This hidden danger could be in your doors, window frames, skirting boards, walls, ceiling or even your cupboards.

This danger is lead based paint. Exposure to lead will harm your health.

You could even risk the health of your family, children, neighbours and pets without even knowing it. During the paint stripping or paint removal process, if your home has lead based paint, lead particles are released into the air or can contaminate your soil.

Imagine the potential dangers of someone inhaling or digesting these lead particles. Even the smallest amount of dust or chips that contain lead can be a health nightmare.

These lead particles can remain in your home or soil years after your painting project has been completed. You need to have your home tested for lead paint BEFORE you start your painting project.

We specialise in removing lead paint safely throughout Brisbane & Sunshine Coast. We use only the safest methods and products to strip paint from your home.

We remove paint from the interior & exterior without allowing it to contaminate the rest of your property.

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