Are you considering selling your home and you’re looking for ways to increase its value? We have good news for you. Painting your home is an excellent way to raise its value and as one of the foremost painters in Brisbane, Pohlmann Brothers can help you achieve that!


Adding a new coat of paint to your home (both interiors and exteriors) can lend a feeling of freshness and class to it. Furthermore, painting the interior of your home can even give the illusion of the space being bigger than it is. 


Let’s not forget that a professional painting job also boosts the aesthetic value of your home.


All these will serve as a plus for you when the realtor comes as people are more willing to pay for a house that looks beautiful and has much-needed space.


Thankfully, with Pohlmann Brothers, you can rest assured that you’d get premium interior painting and even colour consulting services. Yes, we said it. Our experts can give you valuable advice to help you decide on the best colours for your home before you paint. 


No doubt, we have all the experience, expertise, and products you need to enjoy top-notch painting for your home. Call 0438531930 today.